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Ice storm update...we're plowing and salting
Release Date: February 09, 2015

The Highway Dept. is currently plowing and salting the entire town. PLEASE DO NOT THROW SNOW BACK ON THE STREET.    Roads are still slippery. Please note that during ice storms/snow storms it’s impossible to keep all roads in great condition all the time. We send out crews to plow or salt. And, our team of highway department workers are working very hard to keep the roads passable.   If freezing rain continues to come down or if the snow hasn’t stopped falling,  road conditions deteriorate quickly. And – it takes at least a few hours to clear the entire town.  So—after we’re on your street it will take at least a few hours to be back. 
The schools are closed for a reason. It’s safer to be home and not to drive.
Paul Feiner

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