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FW: SNOW ADVISORY #3--Town Hall closed tomorrow..you can pay 2nd half of school taxes on line
Release Date: January 26, 2015

The Greenburgh Town Hall will be closed tomorrow. The Tax office will not be open--in case you were planning to stop by at Town Hall to pay your second half of the school taxes--which is due by the end of the month. Because January 31st falls on a Saturday - you have until Monday night February 2nd to pay your school taxes. If you can't get to Town Hall you can pay the tax bill on line (see link below).  The tax office will be open on Monday Feb 2nd until 7 PM.


We have never closed Town Hall in the past. A reason: There have been union related grievances in the past when we let some employees leave early during snow storms/weather related incidents. Some employees (police, public works, some recreation department employees) have jobs that require them to show up to work to address emergencies or snow related issues. If everyone else gets a day off, the argument goes, why shouldn't they?  Or, should they be entitled to additional  overtime for working when others were not? 


Thankfully, an agreement was reached with the PBA, Teamsters and CSEA today. Thanks to their concern about non essential employees safety - they agreed that  those employees who will be working hard addressing the snow storm will only receive the salary they typically would get.  A big thank you to our three unions --the PBA, Teamsters and CSEA --for caring about fellow employees whose job functions don't deal with snow emergencies. We are very lucky to have a terrific group of employees working for our town.

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