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Release Date: January 16, 2015

Earlier this week the Town Board met with department heads – preparing our 2015capital budget.  Among requests made:
Greenburgh Police Chief Chris Mcnerney is recommending that the town purchase body cameras to be worn by officers. The body cameras will provide the police department with captured video for any event type with easy deployment. These cameras have a 130 degree lens, which provides a wide field of view capture, Retina low light technology and can mount to almost any part of the officer’s uniform. This project would provide the department with 18 body camera’s and give the police department the ability to load all video to the cloud for easy storage and access.  The cost: $30,000.  After the first year of operation there will be an annual maintenance contract expense.
Many police departments around the country are now purchasing police body camera’s. One of the big advantages: If a police officer is accused of inappropriate action it’s easy to determine exactly what happened.  I did a google search of police body camera’s and found the following interesting link about camera’s from the police foundation concerning a study that was conducted.
I support the Police Chief’s request and will include funding in the upcoming capital budget for the camera’s.  President Obama has recommended that the federal government assist local governments in obtaining police body camera’s. If funding is secured  from the federal government we will spend the $30,000 on other initiatives.
MORE  TASER WEAPONS WITH CAMERA’S IN UPCOMING CAPITAL BUDGET  CONSIDERED LESS THAN LETHAL  $21,320 for Taser weapons with cameras. Taser weapons will provide patrol members with a readily available less than lethal option in the force continuum reducing the necessity to rely on deadly physical force. Tasers release darts with wires that attach to the subjects body and delivers volts of electricity. Video cameras ensure accountability in the case of alleged abuses. The camera’s add to evidence and transparency in law enforcement.
Student intern Russel Kogan produced the following video: HAPPY GREENBURGH
Paul Feiner

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