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Release Date: January 09, 2015

Please be advised a sprinkler pipe burst at the children's section in the library.  Some water damage. Children’s section may be closed until Tuesday. The teen area is open. Our maintenance staff is responding.
A college student from Edgemont has proposed that the town initiate a self defense program targeting high school and college teenagers.
This summer Emily Salwen will work on implementing her idea. She will be one of the summer interns working in the offices of Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner and Town Clerk Judith Beville. Emily will be involved in overseeing this initiative. A special self defense program will be offered at no charge to the public. Those who take the course will learn martial arts techniques, street safety. During her internship Emily will interact with the Greenburgh police and other law enforcement agencies.
According to Emily "teaching kids and teens to defend themselves increases their confidence and betters their ability to stand up for themselves and others in an assertive manner." Although the internship officially begins during the summer months - Emily will start working on this initiative immediately. Between now and the beginning of the summer Emily will reach out to Washington lawmakers and agency leaders to discuss her initiative and to determine if the federal government might be interested in assisting the town with the project. 
This initiative will help teens develop important and empowering self protection strategies. We want to educate Greenburgh youth on self defense techniques to help reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of an attack. "It's a dangerous world out there. Being prepared makes sense."
President Obama said at a White House event in September that campus violence is a major problem nationally. An estimated one in five women has been sexually assaulted during her college years - one in five."
The program was proposed by Emily Salwen of Edgemont as her summer internship project. Salwen is a freshman at George Washington University studying international affairs who has practiced various martial arts . Any student who is interested in also getting involved  in this initiative should contact Paul Feiner at pfeiner@greenburghny.com.  Supervisor Feiner is willing to meet with students before they go back to college.
Students interested in becoming summer interns and who are going back to college in the next week or two can meet with Supervisor Feiner before they head back to college to discuss other projects.

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