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3 year contract agreed to with CSEA
Release Date: March 04, 2005

The Town of Greenburghand the CSEA have agreed to a 3 year contract for the period from Jan 1, 2005to December 31st, 2005. Members of the CSEA approved the contract. The Greenburgh Town Board will vote to ratify the Collective Bargaining agreement at our Wednesday, March 9th meeting. Employees will receive a 3% salary increase each year.  I believe this contract is fair.

The Greenburgh Town Board will also vote on Wednesday to authorize the comptroller to circulate an RFP for the purposes of retaining the services of a professional consultant to review the A & B portions of the Town Budget. I previously announced my intention to establish a committee to work with the town to correct imbalances in the apportionment of funds re: A & B budgets.  PAUL FEINER

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