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New disabled parking spots have been added to multipurpose center
Release Date: November 02, 2014

I am pleased to report that the Greenburgh department of Public Works added a few more disabled parking spots to the top of the hill, near the Multipurpose Center. The parking spots were paved last week and will be painted this week.  The Multipurpose Center is used by seniors who enjoy our senior activities.  Some seniors have complained about the difficulty they have walking to the top of the hill where the center is located (the parking lot is on the bottom). The new disabled parking spots should be helpful.  Wish we had more room to place more disabled spots at the center.

On a related note--there is an interesting opinion page article in the New York Times today suggesting that there is a need for new standards for new buildings to address the needs of our older population. I am planning to suggest that the Planning Board, Planning Department and Comprehensive Planning Committee incorporate new requirements that will address senior concerns in new buildings that are under consideration by the town. There is going to be a need to address this issue  as our population ages.  What do you think?

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