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Release Date: October 28, 2014

ome residents have asked --what action steps has the town taken to to publicize the fact that the Frank's Nursery on Dobbs Ferry is for sale on November 18th. The town has retained the services of GA Keen Realty Advisors to oversee the auction of the property.  This is a progress report...


Help us spread the word that the property is for sale at a public auction.




TO: Town of Greenburgh

FROM: GA Keen Realty Advisors, LLC

DATE: October 28, 2014

RE: Status of Marketing Efforts re 715 Dobbs Ferry Road f/k/a Frank’s Nursery

GA Keen Realty Advisors, LLC has and continues to extensively market the former Frank’s Nursery

located at 715 Dobbs Ferry Road. Our multi-faceted campaign, which was reviewed and expressly

approved by the Town, has included cold calls, email blasts, and property listings in major media


Our marketing has led to interest from approximately 60 developers, investors, religious groups, brokers

and real estate attorneys. To date, 15 parties have signed the Confidentiality Agreement and received

all of the available property information and bidding procedures. Multiple parties have walked the

property and seen the site. On a weekly basis we continue to receive new inquiries.

Specifically, the marketing effort has entailed the following components:

To date, we have made over 100 calls from the following databases and publications:

Business Journal – 2014 Book of Lists

Hoovers Top 50 list of Metro NY Nursing/Assisted Living developers and operators

CapIQ – Assisted Living Facilities

Additional assisted living developers and residential developers found using Google

To date, we have placed ads in the following publications:

New York Real Estate Journal ads ran on September 9th and 23rd and October 14th

The Journal News ads ran on September 6th and 13th and October 14th

The New York Times ads ran on September 7th and 10th

Westchester County Business Journal ads ran on September 8th and 15th and October 6th

Senior Living Exec Magazine advertisement placed in the September/October issue

Seniors Housing Business advertisement placed in the September October issue

The Journal News Real Estate Review ad ran on September 18th

Northeast Real Estate Business ad was placed in the September E-Newsletter

To date, the following email blasts were distributed:

The property teaser was emailed to our proprietary database of real estate investors, develops,

capital sources and related professionals

PropertyBlast.com – E-mail blast that is sent out to over 90,000 commercial brokers and agents

nationwide was sent on September 11th and 30th





Propertysend.com – E-mail blast that is sent out to over 65,000 contacts (buyers, brokers,

agents, owners and developers) nationwide was sent on September 16th and October 7th and

October 23rd

BigBoysBlast.com E-mail blast that is sent out to over 8,000 investors and 115,000 brokers

nationwide was sent on September 10th

In addition, the property was listed on Costar and LoopNet, the two leading web sites for listing

commercial real estate and we

Visit our web site at www.greenburghny.com and view archived Supervisors Reports.
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