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Release Date: February 15, 2005

The Greenburgh Town Board met today in work session and decided to schedule the vote on when the 20 million dollar library expansion/renovation referendum will be held on Wednesday evening, March 9th at the Town Board meeting---177 Hillside Ave.The meeting will be held at GreenburghTown Hall, 177 Hillside Aveat 7:15 PM.  I advocate a November referendum --- I feel that a November referendum will provide voters with more time to ask questions, to review the proposed plans for the library. And, to make constructive comments that could save taxpayers some money. In addition, I believe that a referendum should be held on election day (November, 2005) when more people will vote ---county and town elections are being held this year. The majority of the members of the Town Board prefer a spring referendum. Board members discussed Tuesday, May 3rd as a possible date. A special May 3rd referendum will cost taxpayers an about $30,000 in election related expenses (inspectors,etc..).
The next meeting of the Greenburgh town Board will be held next Wednesday night, February 23rd at
7:15 PMat the Greenburgh Housing Authority, Maple Ave.This is the 10th annual Town Board meeting being held at the housing authority site ---which will shortly be undergoing a major 3 million dollar renovation.   PAUL FEINER, GreenburghTownSupervisor

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