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Release Date: September 23, 2014

The town of Greenburgh is about to launch a major effort to encourage Greenburgh businesses located in the town to become more energy efficient. The first  Town of Greenburgh Business Roundtable will take place on
October 23, 2014, 7:00 - 8:30 pm at Greenburgh Town Hall. Between now and the 23rd we will outreach to local businesses and will encourage them to take advantage of the EnergizeNY options that could save businesses money.  We want our local businesses to be successful, to make more money so that we can have  healthy business districts ---something very important to our town.
ONE IMMEDIATE ACTION BUSINESSES  AND PROPERTY OWNERS  CAN TAKE TO CUT COSTS AND SAVE MONEY - BECOMING MORE ENERGY EFFICIENT.  Stop wasting energy and money and start managing your energy costs now.  Integrating energy efficiency and renewable energy options into your building and business operations provides cost savings, better building performance, increased comfort and improved indoor air quality. Greenburgh's recent membership in the Energy Improvement Corporation (EIC) means that commercial property owners can easily finance clean energy projects with little or no money down.  With Energize NY Finance, commercial building owners in Greenburgh now have a great option to pay for qualified energy improvements, and take advantage of long terms, low rates and big savings.  Energize NY Finance conserves your capital line and improves your bottom line.
And there's more exciting news.  Westchester County has teamed up with Energize NY [LINK TO: http://commercial.energizeny.org/ ] and Greenburgh to provide extra-low cost financing for affordable multifamily housing and not-for-profit owned buildings. The county is using its federally allocated Qualified Energy Conservation Bond (QECB) authority to align with Energize NY’s goal to promote clean energy projects.  QECBs provide extra-low cost capital to undertake a range of clean energy projects including solar, oil and electric to gas conversion, insulation and air sealing and upgraded mechanical systems.  These upgrades contribute to lowering the energy burden for tenants and property owners.  Not-for-profits can benefit from these same measures, and put otherwise wasted energy dollars to better use in the communities they serve.  Funds are limited and time is of the essence.  Get started by filling out a Pre-Application
[LINK TO:http://commercial.energizeny.org/commercial-finance-application ] or call Elyssa Rothe, Director of Energize NY Commercial Program at (914) 302-7300.  Hope to see you on October 23rd!
Paul J. Feiner, Town Supervisor

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