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Release Date: September 08, 2014

  Residents of Edgemont have expressed concerns about the safety of children walking to and from the Seely Place School.  At 8 AM this morning Police Chief McNerney, Sgt. Reckson (our traffic safety officer) and I joined a number of Edgemont residents, representatives of the fire department and Edgemont School Superintendent observing traffic on Ardsley Road.  We discussed some options to improve conditions. Good progress was made. This is a summary  from the Police Chief.
Paul Feiner
Here is a summary of what the police department will be doing to address some of the concerns raised during this morning’s meeting:
•             We will be drafting Resolutions immediately recommending the installation of No Parking Signs from 7:00am to 9:00am and 2:00pm to 4:00pm School Days on Seely Place and Henry Street.
•             We will be placing car counters on Seely and Henry to gauge the traffic volume and speed.
•             After we analyze the data, we will likely be recommending to the school that they incorporate a second student drop-off location on Henry Street. We would consider changing the traffic flow based on the results/impact of the second drop-off location.
•             We are considering installing a crosswalk in front of the church on Ardsley Road. Site distance appears to be an issue.
•             I am looking into grants for sidewalks.
We will install an electronic speed sign (same as Old Army Road) on Ardsley Road this week.
We have a follow-up meeting scheduled with the school administration on September 22, 2014.
Chief McNerney
Yesterday’s dog swim at Anthony Veteran park was fantastic. About 600 people accompanied between 220 and 250 dogs. Photo’s of the event are on the following lohud.com link:  A great event. Hat’s off to the Parks & Recreation department for coordinating another terrific program.

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