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Release Date: February 01, 2005

The Greenburgh Town Board met in work session this afternoon and discussed making changes to the new garbage/recycling schedule ---which I would like to see changed to promote more recycling. We were given surprise information at the meeting---recycling of newspapers was actually up in 2005 compared to January of 2004:  227.61 tons of paper in 2005 compared to 210.67 in 2004. In January ’03 351 tons of paper was recycled.  Could the weather be a factor?

Public works employees advised us that there are benefits to picking up paper one week and plastics the other week. When you mix recycling each week some of the recyclables are contaminated—resulting in some recyclables going into the garbage.  This is a problem that should be discussed. People may think they are recycling but if you don’t recycle correctly, your recyclables are thrown in the garbage and rejected by the county.

I feel strongly that we should change the schedule so there is weekly recycling—even on holidays. The Commissioner of Public Works will discuss a revised schedule with the Town Board next Tuesday at 3:30 PM. And, hopefully the Town Board will reach a consensus by next Wednesday’s Town Board meeting.  PAUL FEINER

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