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Hartsdale farmer's market concerts Saturday...parking concerns for 4th of July fireworks in Irv.
Release Date: July 03, 2014

Returning artist Stephen Scholle will be playing on Saturday, July 5th at 10 AM.  Expect to hear many acoustic classics as well as his own original material.  
The New Originals are guitar trio Guy Carlson, Mark Solomon and Johnny Paul.  Their repertoire ranges from Rock to Pop to Folk, with music from the 60’s to the present.  They will be playing at 10 AM this saturday.  Special guests include Sia Tofano and Cassie Paul.
At 11:30 AM, The New Westchester Symphony Orchestra will strike up the entertainment.  
The Market opens at 8 AM and goes until 4 PM.  If you want to get fresh produce or just see some fresh talent, come on down to the Hartsdale Farmer’s Market by the Hartsdale Train Station.  See you there!
I noticed that you suggested to your email subscribers to come to Irvington to watch fireworks.  One issue that you should be aware of is the serious lack of parking in our downtown area for this event.  We have done our best to notify our residents of this concern and have advised them to walk, carpool, or park at the Main Street School or one of the churches on Broadway and walk down to the park.
Also, we have limited space in our two waterfront parks, so we are somewhat concerned about the capacity for the fireworks display depending on the number of people from out of town who decide to attend.  We hope not to have to turn people away.  But, one thing we are sure of is that the severely limited parking will be a problem.
I’m hoping that you could relay these parking concerns to your subscribers and suggest that those planning to attend the fireworks consider taking a short train ride to Irvington or park as we suggested. 
I pasted an excerpt from Mayor Smith’s recent email to the community.  Feel free to use it or modify it in any way you see fit.
Thank you.
Larry Schopfer
Village Administrator
Parking will be extremely limited, so please plan to walk if at all possible.  If you must drive, please carpool.  Very little parking will be available on the west side of the railroad tracks, so plan to park in the Metro-North parking lot at the Irvington Station or up the hill at the Main Street School or Immaculate Conception Church.  It’s just a short stroll through our Main Street business district.  Feel free to make a stop or two at one of our fine merchants along the way!
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