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BOARDED UP VACANT DELI DELICIOUS GETS ZONING BD APPROVALS---business could reopen by end of the year
Release Date: May 16, 2014

Hat's off to the Zoning Board! The decision of the Zoning Board to grant Deli Delicious (the deli located on Route 119, near the County Center/WESTHAB and Fulton park neighborhood)  permission to proceed with their application for a drive through window, sends the right  message to other businesses that are considering relocating to Greenburgh -- that our town is trying to work with the business community to reduce vacant storefronts around town! 

It's been  a difficult couple of years for the Deli. Deli Delicious closed their doors in 2011 after the Zoning Board denied a variance requested for a drive through window for their deli. I felt the decision was wrong for the town and felt sad to see a business that had been an asset close after 28 years.  The large signs on the building stating that the deli was closed and the boarded windows sent people the wrong message about Greenburgh  and made it more difficult to attract new vibrant businesses to our town.
I am very pleased to report that last  night the Zoning Board  Zoning Board of Appeals  reconsidered the application and granted area variances (for off-street parking setbacks and for impervious coverage) in connection with the Deli Delicious reapplication.   Site plan approval is still required from the Planning Board.  
A minimum three month construction period is anticipated. That would be in addition to the time it takes the applicant to first provide the necessary information to secure site plan approval, stormwater and building permits and hold any required public hearings.
It's possible that the vacant boarded up deli could be modernized and open for business by the end of the year.

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