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Release Date: January 02, 2005

Just a reminder that the new sanitation/recycling schedule takes effect this week. Please check the schedule which was mailed to you last week for details. NEW in 2005: garbage will be picked up twice a week including holiday weeks. Plastic and newspaper recycling every other week- paper one week, plastic the other week (no recycling during holiday weeks).
This new policy was established after the Town Board heard from members of the sanitation department. THey advised members of the Town Board that most other communities in Westchester have this new schedule. They complained that the old system was inefficient and also resulted in  back injuries and medical problems. 
I have received mixed responses to this new initiative. Some civic association leaders and residents have applauded the change---expressing delight that the new policy will result in garbage being picked up twice a week, holiday and non holiday weeks.  Garbage smells, newspapers don't.  Other constituents have contacted me and have complained about the reduction in recycling pickups-especially during holiday weeks when recyclables will not be picked up.
I'd appreciate your suggestions on ways we can promote recycling. I don't want to see recycling decline. E mail me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com. I'd also appreciate your feedback on this new policy --especially a few weeks from now, after people start getting used to the new schedule.  PAUL FEINER 

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