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Release Date: February 24, 2014

The Fairview Board of Fire Commissioners has scheduled a meeting for Tuesday, March 4th at 7 PM at the Fairview Fire House, 19 Rosemont Blvd. It’s possible that they will approve funding for a position that currently does not exist  that will cost taxpayers over $135,000 a year. 

I believe that this proposed expenditure is a big  waste of taxpayer dollars. I encourage residents of the Fairview fire district to attend the meeting on Tuesday March 4th.  In 2013 a homeowner whose home value was $500,000 and who was assessed at $14,250 paid the town $2,664 for all the town services.  The same homeowner paid the Fairview Fire district almost as much for only fire taxes --$2,050.  Taxpayers need to start paying attention to how their tax dollars are spent by the fire district.  If you don’t speak up your property taxes will increase unnecessarily.    The concern that I have –and others have – is about unnecessary spending for administration. We all appreciate the service of our firefighters who risk their lives for us.

Another concern: There is a proposal in Albany that will penalize communities that do not comply with the tax cap. State lawmakers are considering a plan that will reward citizens who live in communities that comply with the tax cap with a tax credit or check from NYS. If your local government entity overrules the tax cap you will not get the tax credit from NYS or a check from the state to help reduce your property taxes. Among the proposals: Governor Andrew Cuomo’s state of the state address on January 22 recommended a two year property tax freeze for homeowners if their local school districts and local governments stay under the tax levy cap for two years and share services or consolidate with other districts to save 1% of the levy a year for three years. The rebate would likely be between $150 to $350 a year per household.  If the Fairview fire district creates a new position that does not currently exist (and some people feel is not needed) your tax credit could be in jeopardy.  The Journal News wrote a story about Fairview Fire Commissioner Michael Cotter’s opposition to the creation of the new position (link is below).   




Correction: In a previous e mail I indicated that the position had never existed before. That was inaccurate. The position has been vacant for a number of years.


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