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Release Date: December 22, 2004

Some people have expressed concern about my last e mail re: Taxter Ridge opinion. Please be advised that the acquisition of Taxter Ridge is not in question. The land is preserved as parkland forever! The Appellate Division court decision that was received today indicates that sometime in 2005 the State Supreme Court (the trial court) will determine who pays for the acquisition: the unincorporated section of town or the residents of the entire town (village residents and unincorporated residents). The town’s practice, for many decades, has been to charge only residents of unincorporated Greenburgh for parkland that was purchased within unincorporated Greenburgh. None of the land that we purchased is located in any of the villages within Greenburgh. However, because the land was purchased with 2/3rds contributions from NY State and WestchesterCountygovernments the park must be open to residents of the entire state.  The plaintiff feels that since residents of the villages can use the park they should have to pay the same amount as residents of unincorporated Greenburgh for the park acquisition. PAUL FEINER

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