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Release Date: December 15, 2004

The Greenburgh Library Board made a presentation to the Town Board yesterday and continued to pushfor a March referendum on the 20 million dollar libraryexpansion. They will be asking the Town Board in early January to set the date for a March referendum. The Library has hired a pollster who has a track record in getting referendums approved. He indicated to the Town Board that he polled residents of Greenburgh and those who can’t vote (who live in the villages) and won’t share any expenses with us. I personally don’t think it made any sense to poll anyone who is not going to be asked to pay for the expansion.

I believe that a referendum should be held in November. Library’s are about knowledge. It’s important that we provide residents with as much information as possible so they can make an informed choice. It’s also important that we encourage the maximum number of people who live in the town (who will be paying for the libraryexpansion) to vote. A March referendum is likely to result in very few people turning out to vote. A November election (town/county elections are held the same day) will generate a much larger turnout.

My concern has nothing to do with the proposed 20 million dollar expansion. This is AN ISSUE OF OPEN GOVERNMENT, NOT DISENFRANCHIZING THE ELECTORATE AND GIVING PEOPLE THE FACTS AND TIME SO THEY CAN CAST AN INFORMED BALLOT.  If people are being asked to spend money on a libraryexpansion –we should want people to vote.  Our goal should not be to schedule a referendum when people are unlikely to vote.



Your input is very important. Please schedule meetings with your neighbors at your house. If you invite me and the libraryto make a presentation to you we can provide you and your neighbors with all the facts gathered so far re: libraryexpansion and referendum. To schedule a meeting please e mail me with possible dates/times/locations at pfeiner@greenburghny.com.  I’m available to participate in any meeting----day, evening or weekends. My office: 993-1540 or 478-1219(home).



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