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Release Date: December 05, 2004

An editorial in the NY Times on Sunday, December 5th entitled DEMOCRACY.COM (Westchester Region Section) praises the town for archiving back meetings of the Town Board, Planning Board and Zoning Board on our web site:  greenburghny.com. Meetings of the Town Board and Planning Board are now accessible on our web site. You can watch the entire meeting of these Boards on our website anytime you choose (24 hours a day). And, you can skip over portions of the meeting that don't interest you.
The Times also called on the Town Board to adopt a recommendation I made so that all meetings can air live. One of my 2005 goals will be to have meetings aired on our web site live so that residents who are out of town can watch us and participate via the phone.
DEMOCRACY.COM is our most recent open government initiative. A reminder: We make housecalls to anyone who has any government problem. And, we will also bring town government to you if you want to have a meeting with neighbors to discuss any government related issue.

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