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Meetings on the internet--on demand
Release Date: November 30, 2004

I am very pleased to report that the last meeting of the Greenburgh Planning Board can now be seen on our web site: www.greenburghny.com. And, today or tomorrowTownBoard and Town Zoning Board meetings will also be archived on our web site.  All future meetings of these Boards will be archived on the web site (for at least a few months)---enabling residents of Greenburgh who don’t subscribe to cable TV to watch our Board meetings.

This is an exciting open government initiative. You will not have to request minutes of meetings anymore to find out what happened at a meeting or a copy of an old tape. All you have to do is visit our web site, press a button and then watch the meeting of your choice!  In addition, those who want to watch part of the meeting can skip to the portion that interests you. It will be more difficult for participants at meetings to deny what was said at a meeting—since everyone will have easy access to the meeting and can confirm what was said.

It’s my hope that the Greenburgh Town Board will approve a request that I intend to make  to stream Town Board meetings live on the internet. We were the first community in the nation to allow residents to participate in our meetings via the phone. Live meetings on the internet will enable anyone to watch our meetings anywhere (even if they are vacationing or on a business trip) and to participate from their location away from home. DIAL DEMOCRACY should have no boundaries.

FINALLY, it’s my hope to WIFI our parks next year so that people can have access to their computers while relaxing at the town pool or at a concert.

Greenburgh, Town Supervisor

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