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Release Date: November 18, 2004

I met with representatives of Metro North yesterday –expressing some concerns about the lack of progress re: construction of overpass at the Hartsdale train station. Metro North will be providing me with a detailed explanation which I will forward to you when I receive it. There were construction delays caused by steel repairs. The estimated completion is now July, 2005. Metro North promised to make sure that during the icy winter months that sidewalks/platforms are safe for pedestrian use.

Metro North provided me with an estimate for the installation of elevators at the Hartsdale Station as a future capital project. There is no funding available under the current MTA Capital Programs.  But, design is estimated to cost $250,000. Construction: $3,450,000. I have sent a letter to Senator Schumer and Congresswoman Lowey asking for help in securing funding. Making the train station accessible for all is a high priority. The Hartsdale train station, unlike other train stations serving the metropolitan area, has no elevators and is very inaccessible. An elevator will help senior citizens, the disabled, families who have small children and need to use the elevators for strollers, etc.. PAUL FEINER

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