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Westchester Golf Range being sold to developer
Release Date: November 07, 2004

One of the most controversial actions that almost happened took place in 2002 when the town considered acquiring the Westchester Golf Range property for our new Town Hall/library. After we announced our hopes my office was swamped with letters, phone calls and petition signatures from more than 5,000 people calling on the town to abandon our plans so that the Golf Range could stay in business. We abandoned our plans and found a new location for our Town Hall (177 Hillside Ave).
On Sunday I met with the owners of the Westchester Golf Range and with about 20 neighbors who reside near the property. The Vizioli and Sarubbi families (owners of the Range) indicated that after more than 70 years working the land they have decided to put an end to their labors. They have decided to sell the property to Garson Developers.They indicated that due to mounting financial burdens imposed today it is no longer feasible to operate as a Golf Driving Range. They also indicated a desire to continue to reside on their property.
Garson developers has advised my office of their desire to build 36 homes on the property --- each house will sell for at least $1.2 million.
I asked the families who reside near the property if they would prefer seeing the town acquire the land for a new library. All present said no.  Any development proposal must be subject to a review by town planners. Traffic and environmental considerations will be addressed during the review.

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