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Expect traffic delays on Ardsley Rd. next week while road is being repaved (Warnke to Sprain Valley)
Release Date: August 02, 2013

Next week marks the 18th and final week of the 2013 repaving season. We repaved a number of streets throughout the town this year - with few complaints. Special thanks to Hernane De Almeida who coordinated the road repaving initiative and to our public works department.

We expect delays on Ardsley Road during the roadwork. So, take other routes or give yourself extra time. We have placed an electric bulletin board on Ardsley Road to provide motorists with non stop reminders of the work. The bulletin board was helpful during our E Hartsdale Ave road repaving job. Hopefully, the advance notification will help to reduce inconveniences to our residents.

The Town Board appropriated $1.3 million dollars in 2013 towards road repaving. Obviously, some people will be disappointed that we did not repave your street this year. I anticipate that we will appropriate significant dollars towards repaving of roads next year. And, have been forwarding requests for road repaving to the commissioner.

Although road repaving is ending - we always patch up potholes.



our final road repaving for 2013

Highpoint Lane Highpoint Road to End

Highpoint Terrace from Highpoint Road to Cul-de-sac

Ardsley Road from Warnke Lane to Sprain Valley Road


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