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WCBS RADIO (NEWS 88) airs story about Edgemont Girl Scout troops--effective advocates for safety
Release Date: July 08, 2013

Last month I wrote to all the school districts in the town urging teachers to assign students a project next fall: students should come up with a proposal for action by a government entity and to figure out a way to persuade local, county, state or national officials to implement their suggestion. The students will learn about government by participating in it --and by interacting with elected or appointed officials.

Today, WCBS radio (news 88) aired a story about a Girl Scout troop in Edgemont that made a difference. I hope that other scouts and students will follow their example and get involved. The link is below.




Stories From Main Street: Girl Scouts Make A Difference In Greenburgh

Troop Gets Town To Make Street Near School Safer

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"Do Not Pass" sign on Glendale Road in Greenburgh, N.Y. (credit: Sean Adams / WCBS 880)

“Do Not Pass” sign on Glendale Road in Greenburgh, N.Y. (credit: Sean Adams / WCBS 880)

GREENBURGH, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) - Some people might say these are dark times with Congress deadlocked and budgets out of balance. But in Greenbugh, there is a ray of hope. You can get results from town hall.

At least Girl Scout Troop 2670 did.

It all started with a dangerous situation – cars illegally passing during pickup time at Greenville Elementary School in the Edgement section of town.

“It’s a very narrow sidewalk and sometimes the cars would come up on the sidewalk a little or very close to it and the sideview mirror sometimes looked like it was going to hit someone and you had the parents, caregivers, the students, younger siblings all walking there,” troop leader Laurie Duffalo told WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams.

“The cars were getting really close to the curb and for like a second, you weren’t sure if they were going to get totally on or not. So, it was really scary and dangerous,” said 10-year-old Gillian Duffalo.

So, the girls made a video and presentation the town board.

They won over Town Supervisor Paul Feiner and the police chief.

Now, on Glendale Road there is a sign that says “Do Not Pass.”

But the sign wasn’t all they got.

“A lot of people weren’t passing because there was a policeman there,” said 10-year-old Abby Haas.

It’s all a valuable lesson in civic responsibility.

“Just because we’re small and… adults, they ignore us a lot, and we’re trying to tell them, ‘You know. It’s not safe for little kids,’” she said. “Well, now we showed them that we can make a difference in our community.”

“We felt that with 18 girls – and they’re all very animated and very outgoing – that they could definitely make a difference for the community and for the school,” said troop leader Tami Haas.

“We’re pretty proud of them. They all worked together. It was 18 girls in the troop,” Laurie Duffalo said. “Yeah. They seem to get a satisfaction out of working together and accomplishing something.”

A close-up of the “Do Not Pass” sign on Glendale Road in Greenburgh, N.Y. (credit: Sean Adams / WCBS 880)

For their efforts, the Girl Scouts earned their Bronze Award and received a valuable lesson, according to young Gillian Duffalo.

“Even at a young age, you can try to make your community a better and safer place,” she said.


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