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Congrat's to Sharon Hernstadt of the conservation advisory council for winning a gold...bike racks
Release Date: April 25, 2013

NY City recently started a bike sharing program.  It would be great if a similar program could be expanded to Westchester County (bicycles could be picked up and dropped off at area train stations). This would promote tourism, help downtown businesses.
The next initiative that is needed: bike racks on buses. Most major cities in the United States have bike racks on buses. NYC is one of the few major cities that do not provide cyclists with the ability to put their bikes on buses.  BIke racks on buses are inexpensive and provide cyclists with a chance to use public transportation on busy and dangerous streets and to cycle on the safer backroads.   I have written to the county for many years requesting that they consider placing bike racks on buses. I am hopeful that persistence will eventually pay off. This is such a winning idea for the county.
   Placing bike racks on buses in NYC and in Westchester County  would encourage more people to use public transportation. And, it would reduce bicycle accidents. It is very successful elsewhere and would be appreciated by cyclists if NYC transit, Westchester County & Liberty lines offered the service.

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