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What is a flag lot?...traffic safety improvements
Release Date: October 04, 2004

My previous e mail failed to advise what a flag lot is (sorry!). A flat lot is a lot that does not front or abut the public street but access to the lot is limited by narrow access strips or private driveways from public streets.  That will be banned under the proposed law.

ON OTHER MATTERS…lots of traffic safety improvements being recommended by the Police Chief will be voted on at our next Town Board meeting.

Highlights include:

Stop sign on Midvale Roadtraveling east at intersection of Club Way

Residents of Winding Ridge have complained to the Police that cars are being parked in the indented areas to the east and west of the entrance to Winding Ridge off Old Tarrytown Road, obstructing site distance for exiting vehicles. No person shall park a vehicle on Old Tarrytown Road southfrom the intersection of the curb lines at the southwest/southeast intersection of Old Tarrytown Roadand Winding Ridge Road

Residents of Lincoln Placehave complained about parked vehicles creating hazardous conditions in the area. We will prohibit parking on Lincoln Placefrom the gate post of the entrance to Travis Park…

Augustine Road…Residents have complained that people are parking cars in the area and walking into the cemetery to drink. The end of the street is being used as a dump. We will prohibit parking on Augustine Roadfrom a point 163 feet west of the intersection of Lawrence Ave, westerly for a distance of 32 feet..

Sprain Road south at intersection of Jackson Ave. Stop signs to be installed. The intersection of Jacksonand Sprain is a very troublesome intersection.

These items will be discussed at the October 13th Town Board meeting.


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