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Flag Lots
Release Date: October 04, 2004

Last year, after meeting with residents who live off of Ft Hill Road, I promised to pushfor legislation banning flag lots from being developed. The legislation was referred to the Planning Board for comment. The Board recently recommended that the Town Board adopt legislation banning flag lot development. The Town Board will discuss this at our work session tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday).  A hearing probably will be scheduled for October 27th at GreenburghTown Hall—a vote may take place at that time or at the first meeting in November. PAUL FEINER

Planning Board recommends that flag lots be prohibited.  The Planning Board at their September 29, 2004 meeting unanimously recommended that no new flag lots be permitted in the Town of Greenburgh.  The Planning Board found that the allowance of flag lots interferes with the open space preservation objectives of the Comprehensive Plan, and the orderly development intended through the legislative scheme of Chapter 285 of the Town Code. Flag lots create unintended development density, with accompanying negative impacts such as traffic congestion, parking, unnecessary elimination of pervious surfaces, cutting down of trees, stripping of vegetation, and encroachment onto steep slopes and wetlands. In order to further the intent of Chapter 285, and unanimously recommends to the Town Board finds that no new flag lots should be permitted.

Mark T. Stellato, AICP

Commissioner of Planning


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