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Twn Bd votes for commuter parking increase
Release Date: September 23, 2004

I was disappointed that members of the Greenburgh Town Board voted to increase resident commuter parking permits by over 30%. Annual fees will jump from $375 to $500.  The Hartsdale Parking district is seeking to repair the site A garage and claims they need the increased revenue to hire a firm to conduct the design and engineering study. Non resident fees will not go up. I am upset because I don’t believe that the Hartsdale Parking Authority should have been given a “blank check” to increase rates by such a big percentage. The Town Board should have required the Parking Authority’s engineer to discuss the state of the garage with Town Board members and the community. Questions should have been answered in a public forum, options reviewed, long term plans for the garage/parking discussed and the Parking Authority’s budget should have been carefully analyzed before any approvals were granted.

I believe that all major decisions relating to the parking structure and parking in the town should be made by elected officials – not by appointees. We’re accountable to the voters.

ON ANOTHER MATTER—those watching our meeting on cable TV last night complained about the poor sound.  Cablevision is responsible for the sound system and promises to repair. The Town Board voted to issue fines against cablevision if the sound system does not improve.  I received many calls last night and today from angry residents who complained that they were unable to hear what anyone said last night. I believe that cable TV franchize negotiations should be suspended until the system is up and running – to the satisfaction of the community.


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