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Release Date: September 21, 2004

The Hartsdale Parking District is seeking a permit increase of over 30% for Hartsdale commuters. They are not asking permission from the Town Board to increase permit fees for non residents. The Greenburgh Town Board is holding a hearing on Wednesday evening at 7:15 PMat GreenburghTown Hall, 177 Hillside Ave.

I do not support the increase at this time. The district refuses to provide the Town Board with access to their consulting engineer who could discuss with Board members their proposed comprehensive rehabilitation program for the Site A garage. I believe that the Hartsdale Parking district should also provide Town Board members with extensive budgetinformation justifying their 2005 budgetbefore we vote for or against the increase.

My opposition to this increase request is based on lack of information. I do not believe that the Town Board should give any independent Board a blank check to increase fees by over 30%.

Residents can watch our meeting on cable TV and can call in at 993-1540 if you have any questions or comments during the hearing if you are not able to attend the hearing.

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