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Release Date: September 08, 2004

GreenburghTown Supervisor Paul Feinerhas been devoting some time this year working in various departments in town government. He’s worked plowing streets during a snow storm …collected cashat the entrance to the town pool…worked alongside public works staff members doing curb repair work …worked with the law department in Town Court (traffic tickets).

Feiner’snext assignment: This Friday, September 10th. Feiner will collect recyclable materials—going house to house with public works employees.

Feiner said that working in different departments in town government provides him with an opportunity to interact with town employees and to have a better appreciation of the way town government works. Every time I go out and work alongside town employees, I’m impressed how dedicated and hard working many of our employees are. I welcome ideas from our employees as to how government could be better run and appreciate the suggestions that our employees give me.

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