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Release Date: December 18, 2012

The Greenburgh Town Board unanimously approved the 2013 budget at a special Town Board meeting this morning. The budget complies with the tax cap –a nice achievement since 25% of government bodies across the state  have voted to overrule the tax cap and to raise taxes by more than the cap.  The Town Board also  settled the contract with the Teamsters from January 1,2009 to December 31,2014. The contract requires employees, for the first time, to pay into health care. In 2009 employees received a zero percent increase. In 2010 Teamsters received a zero percent increase. 2011: 1% plus $500 . 2012: 1.75% increase plus $500. 2013: 1.75% plus $500.  2014: 2.25% plus $400.
  The Greenburgh Town Board met with Assemblywoman Amy Paulin today at our Town Board work session to discuss the Ferncliff proposal to lease the WESTHELP property. Assemblywoman Paulin is the chair of an important committee in the Assembly that oversees agencies that deal with Ferncliff.
  After our discussion with Assemblywoman Paulin, I have been authorized by all the members of the Greenburgh Town Board to write this letter to the county advising that the Town Board prefers to lease the WESTHELP property to Ferncliff.  Asssemblywoman Paulin has had a number of discussions with state agencies that deal with Ferncliff. She advised the Town Board that the state is committed to Ferncliff. They recognize that Ferncliff needs to move. The project is feasible. The state has paid other organizations more than Ferncliff will be reimbursed for. The $500,000 that Ferncliff is offering to give the town each year as a lease payment is within the range of payments they have made. .
  The entire Town Board and I are requesting that the Westchester County Board of Legislators schedule a quick vote on the request being made by the town of Greenburgh for permission to lease the WESTHELP property to Ferncliff.   We will be scheduling a follow up meeting to discuss the progress of this application at the end of January.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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