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Congrat's to Senator Cousins on being elected leader of the Senate...budget vote Tuesday
Release Date: December 18, 2012

Greenburgh will have more influence in Albany next year. Our State Senator, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, was elected Leader of the Democratic caucus tonight. In Albany, most of the major decisions are made by the legislative leadership. If and when the Democrats take over the Senate there will no longer be "three men in the room" making the major decisions. Senator Cousins is the first woman to head up a major party caucus.
Congratulations to our Senator on her election.
The town will need help from our state government next year. We're preparing a list of priorities for the upcoming legislative session and look forward to working with our Senator.
The Town Board will be voting on the 2013 budget tomorrow (Tuesday morning) after 9:30 AM. We expect the budget to come in UNDER the tax cap. I am also committed to propose and vote for a 2014 budget that will comply with the tax cap. About 25% of all localities in NYS have over-ridden the tax cap this year. The Town Board and I recognize that many taxpayers are finding it difficult to make ends meet. It's important to be fiscally prudent and careful with your dollars.
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