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Release Date: August 19, 2004

The Greenburgh Town Board unanimously voted on Wednesday, August 18th to begin fining Cablevision for the poor public access TV quality reception -- an action authorized in our franchise agreement. In recent months and years many people have complained that reception while watching Town Board meetings is very poor. Fines will be issued if the quality of airings doesn't improve by next Tuesday.

The Board also decided to adjourn the hearing re: tree code to September 22nd. The tree hearing will be held at Greenburgh Town hall at 7:15 PM. A number of civic association leaders opposed tightening our tree code.

The Town is receiving a $70,243 grant from the Local Government Records Management Improvement Fund from the NYS Archives for the Town Clerk to establish a records room at Town Hall. We were considering the possibility of taking space away from our beautiful cafeteria at Town Hall. We located attic space above the proposed storage space. We voted to authorize a structural analysis and feasibility study of the proposed expansion of the records archive room into the attic area to avoid disruption to other areas of the building. WHy should we destroy the cafeteria room at our new Town Hall for no reason?

We also are considering....turning part of the 2nd floor of Town Hall into a civil court room (instead of renting the space to a credit union). This will help the court --especially since a new 3rd p/t Judge will take office in January.


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