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Release Date: August 19, 2004

The Hartsdale Parking District is seeking big increases. $100 per quarter to $135 per quarter. $375 annual permit to $500 annual permit fee. 25 cents for 30 minutes to 25 cents for 20 minutes of parking. Site A garage on level 2/3 from 25 cents for 30 minutes or $2.50 for a maximum parking time of 5 hours to be amended to 25 cents for 20 minutes up to $3 for a maximum parking time of 5 hours.

The Parking District wanted the Town Board to approve the rate increases on Wednesday. But, I expressed concern that the permit holders did not receive notice and an explanation. As a result, the hearing will be adjourned till September 22nd at 7:15 PM at Greenburgh Town Hall. The Town Board supported a resolution I introduced requesting the Hartsdale parking district to send out notices and an explanation to permit holders who reside in Greenburgh. This will provide permit holders with an opportunity to ask questions and express their concerns.


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