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Release Date: November 02, 2012

Suggestion to the Governor and State Legislature: NY should require all gas stations and supermarkets throughout the state to be required to have a generator for the pumps and refrigeration. Florida has such a law. This could help when there are power outages and gas shortages.
Earlier today I posted an e mail asking for HOUSE ANGELS—people who are willing to open up their homes to residents without power. About a half a dozen residents e mailed me with their generous offer. Cari Gardner of Hastings had opened her home (room and private bath) to an elderly woman who now has power and has moved out. She has an available room in her condo. If you are interested, please e mail me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com. I will e mail you the names of the people who were kind enough to offer to help their neighbor by providing more comfortable housing in a non shelter like setting.
The Theodore Young Community Center on Manhattan Ave is open 24 hours—showers, cots, warm conditions, security, nice people. If you’re cold (worried about getting sick because of cold conditions – you should take advantage of the shelter. 989 3607
The Foundation for Economic Education at 30 South Broadway in Irvington has a multi-room dorm on the third floor of its main building. We would like to offer rooms to people who need them. Pets are welcome as long as they are kept on a leash/under supervision. Rooms are FREE but very sparse and bathrooms are down the hall.
We have 9 rooms. All rooms are on the third floor and we do not have an elevator.
We have heat, power, and large industrial sized kitchen for cooking, and several small space heaters. We have sheets, towels, and blankets, running water, parking, and coffee. People need to bring clothing, food to cook, medicines, computers and other entertainments. Internet is available but no television/cable.
It is short term only, I am afraid -- Just until Monday when the Foundation will need to get back to work.
Please contact Caren Oberg for more information. She does not have a working phone but can be reached by email at oberg@obergresearch.com.

There are now 8,575 people in Greenburgh without power---down from over 9,000. Some progress is being made!
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