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Release Date: August 15, 2004

GreenburghTown Supervisor Paul Feiner will be proposing at the next Greenburgh Town Board meeting that the responsibilities of the Forestry Officer be moved to the Planning Department. The Forestry Officer should have an environmental background.  The Forestry Officer is responsible for reviewing applications to remove trees. Removal of trees cause a change in character to the community. There are hydrology and visual issues involved. At the present time the Forestry Officer is an employee with the Public Works Department.  Feiner will ask that the Town Board discuss this proposal in the near future and he anticipates that funding for the transfer will be included in his 2005 budget.

This Wednesday the Town Board will hold a hearing on major revisions to the tree ordinance. The proposed law is more restrictive and increases penalties/fines for illegal tree cutting. Copies of the proposed law are on our web site: www.greenburghny.com (forms)

ON ANOTHER MATTER---the Town of Greenburghwill be hosting our volunteer reception at Hartsbrook Nature Preserve this Wednesday, August 18th at 6 PM to 7:15 PM—prior to the Town Board meeting.  The Master Gardeners from the Westchester Chapter of the Cornell Cooperative Extension for the past few years have done an outstanding job in growing vegetables and giving it to local pantires. They will be at the picnic and will set up a tomato tasting at the garden.

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