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Release Date: July 21, 2004

GreenburghTown Supervisor Paul Feinerannounced that the town now has  video conferencing capabilities that will enable the town to communicate, via video conferencing, with high level elected and appointed federal, state and local officials.  Feiner said that he hopes that people who cannot attend public hearings but who have access to video conferencing equipment – will be able to participate from their offices, hotels, homes. The video conferencing will enable the town to have access to people who can be helpful to the town but might not be able to make a visit to GreenburghTown Hall. We might also be able to cut down on some of our costs. Consultants who the town uses who have video conferencing equipment might not have to make a trip to Town Hall and could communicate via this new system.

The Town of Greenburghwill also be making the video conferencing equipment available to the community. We will charge an hourly rate. The cost will be $100 per hour. An additional $25 dollars will be charged for use during non business hours. This amount is an estimate and will be reviewed and adjusted, as necessary, based upon vidoconferencing usage.

Those interested in renting the video conferencing are requested to contact Supervisor Paul Feinerat 993 l540 or pfeiner@greenburgh.com.

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