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5 homes (possibly 6) could be built at Sprainbrook nursery if the property is not sold to a nursery
Release Date: August 27, 2012

Last night I reported that Sprainbrook Nursery, located at 448 Underhill Road in Edgemont is going out of business.  This is sad news –the nursery adds charm to our community and exceptional service. It’s an oasis of peace and beauty.  If the property is developed it will change the character of the neighborhood.   It is my hope that Al Krautter, owner of the business, will be able to sell to another nursery.  
If he is unsuccessful the following development can take place on the property. The site is 3.79 acres and located within the R-30 One-Family Residence District (Minimum 30,000 sq. ft. needed for each one-family home). A maximum build-out of 5 one-family homes could be projected under current zoning, which does not factor in environmental constraints, or lot layout arrangement.  Mr. Krautter owns a vacant parcel at 451 Underhill. One additional home could be built on that lot. So – six homes could be built at the site (located in the Edgemont school district) if a nursery does not purchase the property.
If you know of anyone interested in purchasing the property as a nursery – please advise Mr Krautter or Norma Weisbrich at weisbri9@aol.com or call her at 203-536-2540 with any interest or leads.
Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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