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Release Date: July 12, 2004

The Greenburgh Parks & Recreation Advisory Board is requesting the Town Board to accept Request for proposals for obtaining a concession license agreement for operating an indoor tennis program on limited tennis courts at AnthonyVeteranTownPark. The indoor tennis program and air structure would be open to the public from October through April for 15 years, with a revocable license. The concession would be required to resurface 6 tennis courts and build 2 new light tennis courts at their expense and to build, at their expense, a permanent structure that will include a reception area, toilets, showers, locker rooms and a lounge. All improvements including utilities and upgrades would cost the taxpayers nothing. The tennis courts would be bubbled and connected to the permanent structure. The 4 handball courts and basketball courts would be milled and resurfaced.  Each year the designated tennis court would be returned to its original condition and returned back to the town for use only by residents of Greenburgh from mid April through September. The concession, in effect, would only be licensed when the courts are not used—October to April. The town would receive rent—the funds generated would be used to maintain AF Veteran Park. We’re also requesting that the concession offer a discount in user fees for resident unicard holders.

ALCARIA RESTAURANT on E Hartsdale Avefinally has opened. It’s a new Portuguese Restaurant. The owners went through a very long approval process and did a terrific job enhancing the look of E Hartsdale Ave.It’s a beautiful new restaurant – that has already helped us revitalize this street.


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