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Citizens commission to present synoposis of subcommittee work Tuesday at 9:30 AM (Aug 7)
Release Date: August 06, 2012

Earlier this year I invited a group of citizens from around the town to help review internal town operations. A report of one of the subcommittees will be presented to the Greenburgh Town Board tomorrow (Aug 7) shortly after 9:30 AM. The presentation and work session is televised live on the public access channels and streamed live on the town website: www.greenburghny.com. A summary of their findings will be posted on the web tomorrow after the presentation is made.
A Fenichel is a 32 year resident of the Edgemont community. Al is a CPA with 45 years of practice in the profession. He recently retired after 35 years AXA Equitable, a large financial services firm, where he had been Senior Vice-President and Chief Accounting Officer. Al has an undergraduate degree and an MBA.
The report for Tuesday August 7th will be presented by Al Fenicel of the Finance sub committee of the Greenburgh Citizens Advisory Commission. He will present a synopsis of the work the sub committee has completed and work they hope to complete in the future.
1- A presentation was made to the Town in March recommending changes to the way scholarships are awarded by the Parks and Recreation Department and the Theodore Young Community Center. The goal is to create a uniform guideline for both Departments using the same standard. In addition it was recommended that there by a defined budget line so both agencies will be clear in how much the Town Budgets for scholarships. This is a follow up with the Board so all rules are in place by next spring when people will be applying for 2013 scholarships.
2- A review of the recommendations the sub committee has made to ensure the Town Court has established safe guards to ensure all revenues are being collected properly and backlogged tickets of last year are being processed efficiently.
3- To assist the Town Supervisor and the Town Comptroller in preparation of the Tentative Town budget. By examining the following.
A- Assess the projected 2013 Town Budget for compliance with the 2% tax levy cap.
B- Analyze budgets submitted by the agency heads for compliance with the guidance provided by Supervisor Feiner for closing and budget gaps.
C- Identify revenues and costs for specific agency activities and define issues and actionable opportunities.
D- Analyze and prioritize the revenue increases and cost reductions that will be required to bridge any potential budget gaps.
E-Review one-time expenditures that may be included in the 2013 budget, including costs associated with the water system,enhancement of the scope of the Town Court's audit and various capital expenditures.
F- Consider the development of a long-term Capital Plan as part of the 2013 budget process.
G- Will consider any request by the Town Board for assistance in gathering information helpful to the Budget process.
A big thank you to the citizens who are working very hard helping our town! Their assistance is greatly appreciated.

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