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Release Date: July 08, 2004

GreenburghTown Supervisor Paul Feineris writing to each of the School Districtsin Greenburgh asking the School Boards to discuss the possibility of building affordable housing for teachers on their property. We have a severe affordable housing shortage in Westchester. School districts that have surplus land should consider authorizing the construction of some affordable housing units on their property for teachers who work in their school districts. This could be a win-win for everyone. The school districts will find it easier to attract and keep the best teachers…communities will be doing more to create affordable housing. And, the teachers who benefit from these new affordable housing units might be required to devote additional hours helping children after school hours since they will receive a great housing perk and will be living on campus. Some private schools already have dormitories on campus for teachers.  There are many government grants available for affordable housing.

Feiner said that as Town Supervisor he has no control over decisions school districts make. Some districts may not have adequate land. Others may. Feiner hopes that School Boards within Greenburgh will at least discuss the concept and determine whether it makes sense for their district.

Schools within Greenburgh include: Central 7; Edgemont; Elmsford; Ardsley; Dobbs Ferry; Hastings; Irvington; Tarrytown; Pocantico; Valhalla.

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