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Release Date: June 10, 2012

During the summer I conduct frequent community outreach meetings with constituents at the AF Veteran Town Pool to solicit feedback from residents. Unlike other constituent outreach meetings ( our next meeting is being held Tuesday evening at 8 PM with residents of E Irvington), I approach constituents (not the other way around) and ask them how we can make Greenburgh a better place.
I was pleased with the response I received during my two hours at the pool today. These were some of the concerns/suggestions/comments raised. There were very few major complaints or concerns -- most of the comments dealt with quality of life matters. And most people seem happy with town services and the responsiveness of town staff to complaints.
I have been conducting these outreach meetings at the pool for over 20 years. I will try to be back at the pool next weekend for more constituent feedback! The following is an outline of some of the issues people raised when I chatted with them.
** MORE SHADE AT THE POOL REQUESTED -- A few people suggested that we have more shaded areas at the pool to protect residents who are concerned about excessive sun. One resident even suggested that if the town spends money to address this concern - that pool patrons have the option to pay more to reserve that location during their day at the pool.
** SENIOR DISCOUNTS--Some residents complained that Cablevision doesn't offer seniors a discount on cable TV services.
** VOLUNTEERING--Two residents offered to volunteer and serve on a committee.
** TENNIS BUBBLE--A number of residents expressed support for the proposed tennis bubble. The NY State Senate and Assembly will decide (within the next two weeks before the state legislative session ends) if they will grant the town permission to lease the tennis courts at AF Veteran park to a private operator. If permission is granted, the town will generate a few million dollars over the 15 year lease in revenue and tennis lovers would have access to tennis during winter months. During the spring/ summer/early fall months the courts go back to the town.
I was pleasantly surprised at the interest and significant support this proposal has.
** E HARTSDALE AVE (4 CORNERS)--CARS DRIVE ON WRONG SIDE OF ROAD--Some constituents complained about safety on E Hartsdale Ave. Some drivers heading towards Central Ave don't like to wait near the 4 corners and quickly drive on the wrong side of the road (to avoid the wait) --creating safety concerns. I will share this concern with the police chief.
** OBJECTING TO PROPOSED TRAFFIC LIGHT IN FRONT OF SOLOMON SCHECTER--Two constituents objected to the proposed traffic light in front of Solomon Schecter. That proposal is on hold -after members of the community expressed concern. Solomon Schecter has been responsive to the community and is listening to their concerns.
** TAPPAN ZEE PARK--A few people mentioned that they liked the proposal I have been working on---to turn the old TZ bridge into a park once the new bridge is built.
** WIFI at the park--Some residents are enjoying the WIFI at AF Veteran park. We just started offering free WIFI this year. A suggestion was made: to put a sign at the entrance to the park advising residents of the new service. (not everyone reads these e mail alerts).
** BIKE RACKS ON BUSES--I've been pushing for bike racks on buses for many years. For some reason, in the past the suggestion did not get much of a public reaction. Today-when I was at the pool - a few people told me that they think it's a great idea. During the past week I received a number of calls/e mails from constituents who also were very enthusiastic.
** A complaint about a home that is not maintained. Will contact the building inspector to determine if there is a violation. Another constituent requested sidewalks near her home in Hartsdale. Some traffic (speeding on local roads) complaints. A few people were upset that we opened the pool on Monday after Memorial Day (not on Saturday). I explained the reason: budget cuts. In years past the pool was not very crowded on Saturday and Sunday (Memorial Day weekend).
Feel free to contact me anytime. My cell: 438-1343. My office: 993 -1545.

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