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Release Date: March 12, 2012

Tarrytown Mayor Drew Fixell has proposed a very innovative idea for the Tappan Zee bridge-- a concept that could help make the TZ bridge construction initiative a world class accomplishment. The Mayor and Village Board has suggested that when the new bridge is built that a a new bus/rail transfer station be added into the new bridge’s toll plaza.
Such a facility (the “TZB Station”) would allow bus passengers headed to Grand Central to quickly transfer to a new platform below. And aside from offering a quick congestion-free link, the TZB Station would also enable busses to seamlessly continue on, without delay, to other locations throughout Westchester.

This proposal would reduce traffic congestion and air pollution, and save time by providing pedestrian and more convenient automobile drop-off access to Metro-North for the many commuters living nearby who now crowd the already congested streets leading to the Tarrytown train station. Second, by providing residents in the immediate vicinity of the new bridge with walking distance access to the Metro-North trains, the facility would add enormous value to properties next to the bridge.


Third, the TZB Station would provide both broad environmental and financial added value by enabling reverse commuters, i.e., those taking the Hudson Line to Tarrytown, to walk and/or to significantly shorten their post-train commutes to the many nearby employment destinations, such as the office buildings and hotels along Routes 119 and Broadway. Similarly, the TZB station, unlike the ramp, comes with no need to condemn valuable properties in the vicinity of the existing train station, and would, by removing busses, improve traffic flow in that heavily congested area.


I support this initiative and will be writing to the Governor, our State Legislators, Tappan Zee bridge construction team members and our federal representatives to give this great idea serious consideration. It is important that the bridge is built right. It would be sad if we look back years from now and wonder why we did not take advantage of opportunities to construct a great bridge --not an outdated bridge. Mass transportation on the bridge, having a Tappanbridge park (saving the existing bridge and not spending over 150 million dollars to demolish the bridge) can contribute to a great construction initiative. If we do this right - the bridge construction project can become a national model. If we don't act now, we won't be able to make the corrections later on. If you agree with this suggestion, e mail:

tzbsite@dot.state.ny.us. I'd like to know what you think...

Greenburgh Town Supervisor

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