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Release Date: February 13, 2012

Last week, while driving on Ridge Road in Hartsdale, I noticed members of the Highway department clearing debris on Ridge Road. I was impressed with the nice job they are doing and asked our commissioner of public works, Victor Carosi to share with the public how we're putting the good weather to good use for the town.
The warm and relatively dry winter season is providing opportunities for the Highway Department to use our resources to address roadside and right-of-way maintenance needs. For the past few years, most highway activities were limited to just reacting from storm events – record winter storms in 2009-2010, record wind and rain events, a hurricane, a tropical storm, winds events and still more snow as recently as this past October. However, the winter of 2011-2012 thus far, is providing an environment favorable to the department to address matters toward quality of life to the extent related to those matters within highway department control. For instance, instead of clearing snow from roads, salting to clear ice and reacting to falling trees and debris from storms, the Highway Department is trimming trees, clearing brush from roadsides, sweeping streets, uncovering storm channels, and clearing debris that has accumulated through the years from areas beyond the paved roadways.

Thus far, workers have removed considerable debris along Old Kensico Road. They have pulled fallen trees from the shoulder areas, restored old storm channels, trimmed trees that are overhanging the roadway and generally cleaned up the roadside. Similar maintenance work is now completed along portions of Ardsley Road and Sprain Road. Crews also tackled some roadside maintenance issues along portions of Ridge Road and are now focusing on Pipeline Road. Work planned along Pipeline Road will also include tree removals in addition to the removal of debris, leaves, branches, stumps, logs and trash from the right-of-way. The warm winter weather also is providing the opportunity to put the street sweepers out into neighborhoods to clear roads from past litter and debris.

Looking forward, we hope to continue work along the right-of-ways moving from the main roads to stream channels and storm water control structures. Of course, should the winds change bringing back the cold and snow, we are always ready to meet the challenges of winter weather. But for now, we are thankful for each day with no snow and eager to make small improvements to the Town.


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