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Release Date: February 11, 2012

The Greenburgh Nature Center sponsors some marvelous programs. Learn about their programs and enjoy a delicious hot breakfast tomorrow from 11:30 to 1:30 PM at the center off of Central Ave. If you have small children between the ages of K-3rd grade and if you're staying home for the spring break, consider signing them up for the April 9-12 mini camp. It's being held from 9:30 to 1 PM. The February mini camp is sold out. Nature explorations, crafts, animal study, nature experiences, etc... Visit the nature center's website: www.greenburghnaturecenter.org to learn about some of their great programs.

Do you like to eat? Stop by at the Greenburgh library on Friday February 24th.

Friday,February 24,11:00 a.m.On Food & Cooking:
Conversations with
Executive Chef
Tomás Saez

Executive Chef Jacques Larsen, of the Burning Tree Country Club, joins Chef Tomás Saez to discuss French Winter cooking. With over 30 years of experience in some of the world's finest restaurants, Chef Larsen is a classicly trained chef who will both educate and inspire you to create delicious soups and stews to keep you warm this winter.

Check out the Greenburgh library website: www.greenburghlibrary.org. They sponsor some amazing programs==and offer Greenburgh students excellent study tools--learning express test preparations, SAT preparations, much more. Save money by taking advantage of this excellent service and help your child get into a great college.

> ___A THANK YOU TO THE PARKS DEPARTMENT FOR A GREAT PROGRAM LAST NIGHT..._____________________________________
> From: Chris Cantory > Sent: Friday, February 10, 2012 10:02 PM
> >
> Hello Town Council, Supervisor, Commissioner Byrne & Deputy
> Commissioner Lucasey,
> I just returned from an evening of entertainment provided by the
> outstanding Parks & Recreation staff at the Multi-purpose center.
> This
> is the fourth year I attended this event.
> Tonight there were well over 120 parents & children...dressed in their
> best outfits...equipped with their dancing shoes and affixed with
> smiles that lit up the beautifully decorated room.
> The staff worked tirelessly to provide refreshments,cupcakes,cookies,
> soda, hot chocolate, etc. Parents and children were
> photographed...they will receive an e-mail with the photo attached.
> Red and white carnations were pinned to each mother and daughter.
> What a way to end the week. The D.J. was excellent. He provided
> non-stop dance music. Many of the songs were line dance songs that
> promoted great collaboration of parents teaching their kids the moves,
> vice-versa.
> At a time when difficult economic times force Parks & Recreation to
> scale back programs that have made the town of Greenburgh first choice
> to live, this Department took the energy to make an outstanding
> program tonight. Families went home with the memory of this evening
> that they will share with friends, family and co-workers.
> Diligence, persistence and creativity in this Department continues to
> astound me. Non-stop effort, dedication and positive energy has
> spread as usual providing another great night of fun for all.
> I want to extend a tremendous thank you to the Department of Parks and
> Recreation employees that made this night extra special.
> Gerry, it is my hope that you will forward this e-mail to the staff
> that participated in this event. I am proud to know them. I am
> thankful to each and everyone of them for their efforts.
> All the best for a great weekend.
> I look forward to a fabulous summer at the most magnificent pool in
> all of Westchester County.
> Lorraine Cantori


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