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Release Date: January 05, 2012

Annu Jacob, Chief Court Clerk for the Village Court in Spring Valley, will be appointed Greenburgh Court Administrator at the Greenburgh Town Board meeting next Wednesday evening. The Greenburgh police department completed its background check of Ms. Jacob today. Ms. Jacob has been responsible for the management and administration of the village court. As Chief Court Clerk she implemented procedures that improved department efficiencies. She supervised and lead the department personnel including clerks and court officers. She maintained and published monthly court schedules, assisted Judges in monitoring defendants, prepared the budget for the busy Justice Court, created JCAP Grant applications and worked with the local police department.

Ms. Hill was strongly recommended for the position by the three new town Judges – Delores Brathwaite, Arlene Gordon-Oliver and Walter Rivera. The Supervising Judge of Local Courts for the 9th Judicial District, Charles Apotheker, also recommended her for this position.

Her salary will be $90,000 a year until December 1st when it will increase to $95,000. She replaces Regina Hill.

I am looking forward to having the opportunity to work with Annu Jacob and our new Judges. The Judges, in office for less than one week, have already agreed to add an additional night court sessions to tackle the backlog of vehicle & traffic law cases. Our team will work hard to make the Greenburgh Court the best local court in the 9th Judicial district.

Paul Feiner

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