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snow angels wanted to help disabled and elderly
Release Date: December 04, 2011

Over 20 years ago I formed the Greenburgh snow angels. This group of volunteers assist the elderly/disabled clear snow from their driveway. Some volunteer their time for those who are unable to pay. Others ask to get paid. I am also a member of the snow angels group and find it to be a rewarding experience (I also enjoy the exercise). Many of the original snow angels have moved. Some of the student snow angels have gone on to college. So we need to replace them with new angels. If you are interested in volunteering your time for this cause - please e mail me at pfeiner@greenburghny.com. Please indicate the following: Are you willing to volunteer your time to help the disabled/elderly (IF THEY ARE ON A FIXED INCOME)? Are you interested in helping only if you get paid? Are you able to help a neighbor in a particular section of town (only a street near your house or can you help out anywhere?) Can we post your name on the town website so anyone can contact you or do you want to only deal with me or a representative from the town? This is an e mail I just received from a constituent needing help. She resides in Elmsford. I deleted her name and contact info. I am handicapped and am looking for a high school boy or girl to shovel for me this winter. I have a small snowblower which is a big help unless we have more than 15” of snow. I will pay the kids (although the Snow Angels in Greenburgh seem to do it for community service). Previously I used three different boys from the Key Club at Woodlands High School and it worked out nicely. But they have moved on and I’m looking to find someone new. Last year I had someone with a plow but it didn’t work out well. The kids are best. I would appreciate your contacting your students to see if any are interested. I should think there would be a few – and I prefer kids who live in Elmsford because if the roads are bad, they would be able to walk to my house. get paid. PAUL FEINER

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