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Leaf branch collection updates...
Release Date: November 17, 2011

Many residents are frustrated with the leaf/branch collection. It’s taking a very long time to pick up all the debris from the storm and the leaves on the street. I have contacted my colleagues in other municipalities. Many of the other municipalities in Westchester are also experiencing similar problems.
The  Town DPW work crews are concentrating on both leaf and brush collection.  The department is significantly behind in the number of streets that leaves are collected compared to past years progress as a result of our storm clean-up from the early October snow and the resulting great amounts of tree debris all over the Town.
Leaf collection did begin in mid-October. 
Since the storm, crews have primarily focused on storm clean-up. Recently we resumed leaf collection awhile continuing with brush collection plus removing dangerous limbs from trees.  Removing dangerous limbs from trees also is a slow process. Assigning crews to this job slows down the pickup of the large tree branches.
To date, we estimate close to 6,000 yards of brush are collected and several thousand yards of leaves.  We have a long way to go, but crews are out each day.  I am receiving daily reports and will be closely monitoring the pick up efforts.
It could take weeks to pick up most of the debris around town. Hopefully, sooner. IF YOU BAG YOUR LEAVES THE LEAVES WILL BE PICKED UP WITHIN A WEEK. SPEAK TO YOUR LANDSCAPER ABOUT BAGGING LEAVES.
If everyone would mulch their leaves it would save the town a fortune and it’s also good for the lawns. I hope you will encourage your landscaper to modify their equipment so that more mulching will take place. 
Paul Feiner

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