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Release Date: November 13, 2011

Earlier today I posted a note about a meeting that we're sponsoring on Tuesday night at Greenburgh Town Hall. I suggested that the average person who attends the meeting will save about $700 a year if you follow the recommendations. And--free CFL light bulbs are being distributed which will increase your savings by more.
My guess is that most people will be skeptical of the savings and will probably stay home. And, then complain about how expensive everything is!  PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING PROFILE HIGHLIGHTING HOW COUNTRY CLUB RIDGE IN HARTSDALE has saved $200,000 a year!
I hope to see you at the meeting Tuesday evening. 


Six years ago Piotr Grebski, a Civil Engineer and energy efficiency expert decided to bring his expertise to the 248-unit Country Club Ridge (CCR) co-op where he lives in Hartsdale. The results have been impressive with dramatically reduced electricity consumption and a drop of up to 30% in heating oil use. That translates to annual savings of approximately $200,000 at the complex, comprised of fifty-five buildings totaling about 250,000 square feet.


Piotr, who is President of CCR’s Board of Directors, also serves on the Greenburgh Climate Action Task Force and has served on New York City energy efficiency task forces. Following a review of energy consumption and expenses at the complex, Piotr determined that the best way to improve efficiency was to focus on upgrades to the heating system. He called on support from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) which has resources specifically focused on multi-family residences. That first project, improving heating efficiency, was financed through CCR’s reserves and a bank loan. Additional projects, including roof insulation, and LED lighting have been funded from the energy efficiency savings from the boiler replacements and upgrades and have therefore not required any assessments.


Piotr reports that the buildings’ residents have been supportive of the improvements and the complex’s managing agent, Hudson North Management, has been sufficiently impressed to introduce some of CCR’s improvements to other buildings under its management.


For residents and building managers interested in improving energy efficiency of multi-family housing, Piotr suggests taking advantage of all NYSERDA’s resources in addition to regular review of energy consumption and related expenses to understand the biggest opportunities for improvement. “Educate yourself and other residents,” he urges. An additional benefit he notes is that “educated residents will support future projects.”

Country Club Ridge

For more information about energy efficiency resources available to residents and businesses in Greenburgh, visit Renew Greenburgh.


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