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Release Date: May 07, 2004

One of my 2004 goals was to work with the two school districts located entirely within unincorporated Greenburgh and to provide funding for cable TVassisted programs in both the Edgemont and Greenburgh Central 7 School districts. The EdgemontSchool districtrequested $8,500 and Central 7 requested about $20,000. I believe that both districts should receive the same amount, as does Alfreda Williams, the Town Clerk. However, since capital equipment monies must be spent based on current and/or anticipated programs (this is the standard Cablevision is holding all municipalities to), Town Clerk Alfreda Williamsis recommending that the Town Board authorize $8500 to Edgemont Schools now and an additional $11,500 next school year with the submission of additional programs. Greenburgh 7 is requested $20,000 now.

The Central 7 School District would like to make the school auditorium the origination point so that their school board meetings and other events could be televised live. Cablevision is working with Ron Velezof the Central 7 School district so this objective can be achieved. The EdgemontSchool districthas advised me that they do not want to televise their School Board meetings and will not request similar wiring and equipment.

The proposal to spend cable money for school programs will be voted on Wednesday, May 12th at our Town Board meeting—to be held at VeteranTownPark(multipurpose building) after the newcomer’s reception at 7:30 PM. Please be advised that this is a first for the town—the first time the town is assisting the school districts fund cable TVprograms within the schools. It’s my hope that in the coming  months and years we will continue to work with these two districts on this matter. The Town Board should, in my opinion, discuss policy re: assisting schools that are not located within unincorporated Greenburgh if a substantial number of their students live in unincorporated Greenburgh.

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