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Re: Road closure update
Release Date: October 31, 2011

This is an excellent report. Paul


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From: Victor Carosi
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Subject: Road closure update


Supervisor Feiner,
Update on storm clean-up:
As of 4:30 PM 3,405 residents are currently wihtout power.  This is down from the original number of 5,800 from Sunday.  Progress is being made by the hour.
Con Ed is working closely with Town offcials in our Emergency Operations Center to coordinate tree removals and wire safety.  A Con Ed crew is assigned to a Greenburgh Highway tree crew and together they are clearing trees that are blocking roads and when possible making the electric repair.  IF the repair is more involved, additional crews are dispatched.
Both Con Edison and Greenburgh Highway are dedicating crews to work throuhg the night to resolve outstanding problems.
We began the day with 14 roads closed.  At this time, 6 roads were opened.  This is improving by the hour.
Please remind residents that all downed wires should be considered live and dangerous until the area is made safe by the utility company.  Call 1-800 75 CONED to report wires down or any power related matters.
The Police Department can always be reached at (914) 682-5300 and 911 for any emergency.
Victor G. Carosi, P.E.
Commissioner of Public Works

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